A New Found Angel

They say that every time a bell dings an angel gets their wings. Friday January 18th, a bell must have dinged. Second Life lost a beautiful shining angel, Sy Whitesong. Sy was a dear friend to all that knew him. Words can’t describe at how much he meant to me personally. He was a dear friend and always knew what to say in any situation so I would either smile like nothing was wrong or laugh my butt off to the point of crying. He never asked anything in return.  He will be sorely missed by myself and all that knew him.  I wanted to dedicate this photo (thanks to Wren for taking it) to him in tribute of him always being my Shiny Angel Sy Sy. ❤

Tribute to Sy

Even though Second Life lost a shiny angel, I truly believe Heaven gained one.

Rest in Peace my dear friend. You will always live on in my heart.

Christmas Expo PurpleMoon

So Wren and I are behind on getting blogs up for the Christmas Fair. But we were in the mood to play dress up in the gorgeous limited edition dresses for Christmas fair by PurpleMoon. Hurry over and get yours before they disappear!!!!

Cat & Wren_003 copy

Wren (right):
Dress/Bag: Lourdes Gown in Gold (exclusive to Christmas Fair) by PurpleMoon
Hair: Sunshine and Roses in Black by EMO-tions
Shoes: Fine Baroque Slipper in Gold by Versailles Clothes
Cat (Left):
Dress: Elwing in Burgundy (exclusive to Christmas Fair) by PurpleMoon
Hair: Dawson with Roots in Cranberry by Truth
Shoes: Obession in Gold by N-Core
Jewelry: Mimmi Bracelet and Earrings by Alienbear

The Christmas Expo is Coming!

This time of year is special to me.  I get to spend time with my family, including my brother who is in the army. I realize I am a very special person because of everything and everyone I have in my life. There are people out there who are struggling because of health or the ones they love are struggling because of health.  I try to give back whenever I can and support events that give to people in need. Relay for Life is a charity that I support when ever I have the chance. This will be the second Christmas Expo held December 6th through the 19th. There will be amazing shopping and amazing things to see. There will be entertainment and even raffles and free gifts. I strongly suggest visiting the event and opening up to help those struggling with cancer.


More info and blogs to come